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#How to stay alive and healthy. (Road safety, bullying, etc.)

#Teach a child how to read. (Works for all ages, and it's mega-fast!)

#Learn how to write out letters, digits and other symbols.               Typing.

#Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Writing, Creative Writing, Poetry, Literature.

#Maths and Arithmetic.                 Soroban   (Soroban Instructions.)                 Calculator

Download maths pages to use like an app.
Inside the zip folder you'll find a "maths-pages" folder - copy that out of the zip folder to a new location so that it can work
properly, then open it at the new location and make a desktop shortcut to the "maths.html" file which you'll find inside it.

Note: many of the links below don't lead anywhere yet, but this will be put right over time.

#Primary Science, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


#History and Prehistory.

#Geography & Geology.

#Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

#Using Computers, Web site design, Programming, MSB Operating System.

#Philosophy, Religion, Morality, Politics, Citizenship and Social Education.

#Listening, Reading music, Playing an instrument, Composing.

#Drawing, Perspective, Photography, Painting.

#Training advice and information.

#Film making, Psychology, Logic, Codes and Cyphers, Linguistics.

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This Web site will also suit anyone who is interested in homeschooling, unschooling, deschooling or hothousing (I don't care for the last of these - children have better things to do than spend all their time being stuffed with dead knowledge as it merely serves to prevent them from becoming creative). Magic schoolbook is particularly well suited to gifted children who want to be able to learn at high speed. It was also designed to appeal to children who don't like school or who even hate school, so long as they want to learn: that is the key thing. School is boring because there is very little learning going on: juat a lot of misdirected work. I want to provide real education here for all children so that they can all attend the world's best school while attending any school or even while staying in their own home. I want to make learning fun, easy and extremely rapid. If you're wondering why this is in white, it's a way of getting key terms for search across.

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