Guidelines for Sponsorship and Advertising

This Web site is a serious education system and not a money-making scheme, though ideally the content providers should be rewarded for all the work they've put in, and for that reason it may be acceptable to allow some responsible advertising, where it is directly relevant to the content. I have no intention of allowing children to be exploited by unsuitable advertising, and I won't accept any kind of advert which promotes products or services that are damaging to the future of the planet. My preference would be for nothing more than company names to appear as sponsors of pages, but there may be occasions when it may make sense to allow specific products to be advertised where they are directly relevant to the page they appear on and where they are informative without being misleading. Each case will be judged carefully on its own merits.

If you are interested in the idea of advertising with us, contact Magic Schoolbook at the following address: ads at magicschoolbook dot com (and the same address should be used if you want to sponsor the site or parts of the site).