Advanced Primary School Maths

In a school you would normally be given a couple of years to learn the following things, plus another year or two in high/secondary school after that (the idea being to give slow learners a chance to catch up). Many of you will not want to learn at such a slow pace, and you certainly don't want to stop learning for a couple of years, so you should take control of your own learning now and just get on with it yourself. Using the programs below you should be able to learn it all in a couple of months without a great deal of effort: five to ten minutes a day should be all it takes. If your computer has a small screen, try pressing the F11 key. (Press it again to restore.) With most browsers it will give you a better view.

Long Multiplication: where both numbers are big.    Long Multiplication Test.

Long Division: where both numbers are big.    Long Division Test.

Adding & Subtracting Fractions.    Fraction Test 1.

Multiplying & Dividing Fractions.    Fraction Test 2.

Using Letters as Numbers. (This is where maths begins to get really interesting.)

Negative Numbers.

Keep returning to this page (and to the one for early primary maths) to do the tests again: you need to keep practising them until you get a mental age with a "+" written after it, and even after that you should keep going back to them every now and then to maintain your ability (at least once every year for the rest of your life).