If you have no interest in music, you should not be forced to learn anything about it, but children who have lessons in music often do better in other subjects as a result: it appears that being involved in musical activities can make you more intelligent. Even if you have no interest in singing and no wish to learn to play an instrument, you can still gain a lot from listening to music, and there are many kinds of music in the world which are far better than most of the rock and pop that comes out of your radio, but they can be hard to find if you don't know where to look.

World Music (you seriously need to hear this stuff).

Singing (not much here yet, but it has to start somewhere).

REST NOT WRITTEN YET, so don't bother clicking on them.

Reading Music (two different systems).

Playing an Instrument (recorder, penny whistle, ukulele, keyboard).

Writing Music (making up your own tunes).