This is a fake subject: it is taught in schools for political reasons and has nothing to do with any real education. The truth is that well-behaved children know perfectly well how they are supposed to behave, while the rest are more inclined to do the opposite of what they are told to do. It is therefore a complete waste of time for all concerned. Worse than that, it is dangerous: the more you lecture children about things they haven't done, the more they feel that they might as well do those things since they've already had so many hours of their lives wasted being told off over and over again for things that they never had any desire to do in the first place. However, the worst thing about this subject is the hypocrisy of it: imprisoning children to educate them is never going to make them respect your values, and it's all the worse when you fail to deliver the promised education as well. If anyone has a problem with the behaviour of children, they should target those individual children who behave badly and focus their attack on the specific things they are doing wrong rather than telling everyone off for the things other people do.
indentThere is of course the argument that there is more to the subject than lectures about behaviour, but this extra content essentially boils down to one single thing: if you live in a democracy, you should use your vote, and if you don't like any of the choices available, a vote for the least worst candidate will still count as a vote for improvement. This would of course be much more interesting to children if they were actually allowed to vote on all the issues which affect them, the most important of those being the amount of freedom they have (or rather their complete lack of it), the design and running of education systems, and the right to appeal to a higher authority when faced with unjustified punishment (the punishment could be doubled if they waste the higher authority's time), so you can see that it's not in fact the children who need citizenship and social education, but rather the adults who do so much to damage their lives.